SMBC Rail Services, has customer service representatives for the major regions in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
Contact Phone Email Region
Michael McCarthy Direct: 312-559-4803
Cell:    312-502-5159 Senior Vice President, Leasing
Patrick Magee Direct: 312-559-4817 AVP, Leasing
East Region    
Mark DePaul Direct: 312-559-4822
Cell:    215-896-1176 Northeast US
Louis Muldrow Direct: 312-559-4821
Cell:    904-903-6200 Southeast US
Dan Mazzarini Direct: 412-760-5741 Mideast US
Cyndie Sansome Direct: 201-794-6828 Customer Service Representative
Central Region    
Jonathan Mudronja Direct: 312-559-4823
Cell:    312-489-9906 Midwest US
Jerry Finan Direct: 312-559-4820
Cell:    402 672 2498 Northwest US
Marilynn Easton Direct: 312-559-4828 Customer Service Representative
West Region    
Bill Ratcliff Direct: 312-559-4824
Cell:    281-910-8351 Gulf Coast, Florida Mexico
Kevin Wingate Direct: 312-559-4808
Cell:    214-675-8986 Southwest US
Brittany Boudreau Direct: 312-559-4814 Customer Service Representative
Canada Region    
Craig Carpenter Cell:    403-828-0255 Canada – West
Erica Ray Cell:    312-914-5066 Canada – East
Marilynn Easton Direct: 312-559-4828 Customer Service Representative